We believe in the Power of Sharing

Help Companies and People Evolve and Engage

We are convinced that inspired and well executed business has the power to inspire and positively impact the world. There is a story and experience in everything that you offer - let’s make it successful and engaging.

Change the Culture!

We will open you to a new world of possibilities, encourage you to push the boundaries, support you in leveraging your strengths and compensating on your weaknesses. Through the power of collaboration and skill-pooling we have developed a diverse team of creative minds that can create, design, promote, manage and execute on ideas, concepts and businesses.

Business Accelerator and Catalyst

IT MOVES IT gives access to creation of engaging concepts, storytelling and all required assistance to set up and build out businesses. We support our customers with administration and logistics, marketing and events, technology and remodeling works, bringing in carefully selected partners thanks to our proactive skill-pooling approach.

Our customers are Small to Medium Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Individuals who seek to create or launch a new venture, relocate or reorient an existing business in New York or elsewhere.

We propose a unique approach in developing concepts, generating experiences that allow customers to connect deeply with a brand, combining smart management with cutting-edge technology. We are problem-solvers with an honest global vision and we fill the gaps by providing the adequate knowledge and skills, temporary or permanent assistance and executive support.